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The Job Swap

20 April 2017
The Job Swap Employee Development

There is always a sense of hierarchy in any company between employees, this sort of notion creates tension between co-workers, thus affecting the working environment. This tension would lead to some workers leaving the company or even feeling depressed. This is not something you would want to have in your work place; all employees should respect and understand each other to have a positive working environment. There is a way in which you can do that, that is not only proved to be effective, but also very fun!


There is an activity that could be done that is called ‘the job swap’ this activity would be a sort of obligatory workshop for all employees in the company, from the janitors to the managers. Send out an e-mail stating that you would be having a workshop on this day and all staff and personnel must attend.


Your work here is a bit hard, so you can hire someone to organize this activity day for you. The basic thing to know is that everyone would be coming in for a normal day’s work, except they would not be doing their job, but they would be doing someone else’s job. As the saying has it “Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.” Organize this activity by swapping job positions, you can have your accountant work in the place of the coffee guy. The swap has one basis: where there is a strong tension between co-workers, swap their jobs.


No one would understand and comprehend the true importance of other people’s jobs until they do it themselves. To avoid any dangerous mistakes that might affect the company, all the work that would be done on this day would not be official company business – no clients would be present, and all work on the computers would not be saved.


At the end of this job swap day, the people in the company would grow an appreciation for their co-employees and this would ease the tension in the work place, and improve the company’s performances. This activity could be done once a month if you face many tensions, or once every 2-3 months. It is always good to be reminded of how important every person in the company is.