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The Perfect Team

3 November 2016
How to build the perfect Team | Lebanese Business
Hiring just anyone to join your team is not a good tactic, and this would not help your team prosper and grow to lead your company to prosperity and growth. There are certain things you need to keep in mind when interviewing potential employees so that you would create the perfect team. You have to keep in mind their personalities and perspectives on life and your company in order to predict how their work would be in the future.
The most important thing you need to make sure of is the ability of your team to work together with no personal or bias problems getting in the way in order to develop the company’s marketing and branding in the most effective way. Make up your team of different personalities and perspectives that would click together despite the difference outlooks on life. 
In order to create a productive team there are some key notes to keep in mind for the long run:
  1. Hire a creative director/project manage
    This is someone crucial to be on your team; he should have the ability to detect small details, and is able to understand and accept the many different personalities of co-workers around him to insure the work environment would stay a one team job.
  2. Involve the current creative team in interview / selection process
    This would make your current team feel involved in everything that goes around in the company, and it would make them want to give more to the job. Have them join you in the interview room when meeting a new employer and take into account their opinions on the candidate so as to make sure you are hiring someone that would go along with the rest of the team. 
  3. Develop a branding protocol
    Every single business should have this option either it is small or big; this would ensure everyone is in agreement on the vision of the company. The team should have information about the company logo, the company tagline, and some company boilerplate to be used in all marketing materials, on your website, and in press releases.
  4. Meet regularly
    Always make sure you have on everyone’s schedules a time for all of you to meet – once a week is enough – discuss every single thing that the company works on and aims for, discuss potential employees that would join the team, possible projects; take opinions from everyone; and also specify a certain amount of time during the meeting for personal confrontations that need to be managed.  This would insure the prosperity of your team and the growth of your company.