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Developing the Web in 2017

8 November 2016
Developing the Web in 2017 | Web development trends

Web development is a major aspect that insures the ongoing process and survival of many websites around the world. One cannot just simply stay far behind as technology progresses and develops, that is why web designers play a major role in developing a website every year to accommodate the new trends that are being released! As 2016 comes to an end there is definitely some new trends in web development that are set to be worked on in 2017. Take a look at the top 5 things that might be the new deal!


  1. Multiple Simultaneous Screens Layout
    This would provide ease of access and such clarity to visitors. It shows that there are two different things with equal importance, and the split screen allows a choice between the two.
  2. Storytelling and Interactive Planning
    Pairing interaction with animation guarantees solid adaptation rates and an effective design. One of the major aims is to connect with the user on a more intimate level; this would let you to convey the message in a more proficient way.
  3. Fix Width Centred Layout
    This feature might be making a come-back as some sites opt for a max-width media query in which their content stays cantered in the middle.
  4. Performance and Speed
    A quick launching site unconstrained by loading due to unreasonable images and flash media, has a higher impact on the visitor than a classy site that takes forever to load.
  5. Very Large Font
    LARGE typography emphasizes your point. It was and still is an important factor throughout the last couple of years and is featured in new websites that have few words but essential messages.


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