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As A Group We Work

29 December 2016
As A Group, We Work | Improve team performance

Every workplace experiences issues between co-workers, either it be personal issues that are derived from problems occurring outside the workplace, or work-based issues that are caused by the excess amount of competition between workers which causes them to hold grudges against each other. This sort of issue affects the entire company, the productivity would decrease, and the efficiency of the work would also show drastic change to the worse! In order to avoid such glitches inside the workplace you can try group therapy!


There are a couple of rules to abide by in order to see positive change occurring from the implementation of group therapy. First, you need to note that group therapy is a way of solving the problems between individuals in a workplace, and not solve the problems the work is facing. Though, by solving the problems between employees their communication would increase thus increasing the company’s performance. Employees sit in a circle so everyone can see each other.


To begin with, there should never be an absent member at any time this group therapy is taking place; it is preferable if everyone is involved. – the therapy should be done at least once a week and maximum of 3 times a week. – the sitting should be for one hour and a half (if you find that you need more time you can expand the time by 30 minutes) – everyone should have a chance to talk and say whatever is on their mind without being cut; responses to what that person said are done after that person is completely done – take turns talking and respect each other’s time. A person can say whatever he wants even if it is not related to work or someone in the workplace (could be a home problem) – no physical contact should be done.


The most important thing to note, whatever is said inside the circle is not to be discussed outside of the circle no matter what – the circle is a safe place! You may find that the first couple of times no one is saying much, but all they need is time to start opening up. Another thing to note, you will not experience any change and you might find that the problem is increasing, but after that month has passed the communication between employees will become stronger and better thus showing in their performance in the job.


This is a perfect way to solve all kinds of problems experienced in the workplace.