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Ways to Improve Employee Relations

19 February 2017
Ways to Improve Employee Relations

One might think that a company’s employees are always happy and lively, working at their office desks and when their work time is up, they would just leave for home, and repeat the next morning. Well, if this is the case, then there is something wrong for sure! Employees should feel comfortable in their work environment, they should always get a bit late home because they got stuck catching up and talking to their colleges. In order to achieve such a positive working environment at work, there are some easy things you can do in your company to have your employee’s relationships stronger, thus positively affecting your company’s performances.


  1. Field Trips
    Organize a field trip once every two month at least for all the employees at your company – no matter how big or small it is. Plan a great trip, and have your employees go on it. Work free, and stress free, your employees have a comfortable day to talk and build relationships between each other. Having them become friends will make them happier at work. Who doesn’t want smiling faces?

  2. Organize Mind Games Day
    There are many games that make a person work their minds and have fun at the same time, have one day a month in which you surprise your employees a couple of hours before the work time is done in which they stop their jobs and gather in groups to play those mind games. This kind of day would be a kind of trivia day for employees to build relationships, and learn to team work.

  3. Circle of Trust with a Dash of Fun
    We all know the circle of trust one does in order to relive any built-up tension between employees in the same working environment. Instead of organizing a typical circle of trust hour, add to it a bit of fun with a game of 2 truth 1 lie – employees take turns saying 3 things about themselves in which 2 are truthful and one is a lie, their co-workers would try to guess which one is the lie. This would make relationships between employees stronger since they would get to know each other better.


These sort of activities, would make your employees have a better and stronger relationship, and if employees have a strong relationship they would enjoy going to work every day. This would reflect positively on your company’s performance in general.