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Motivation Secrets to Inspire Your Employees

21 February 2017
Motivation Secrets to Inspire Your Employees

Every company faces some kinds of problems when it comes to employee motivation. At certain times in the year, it would seem that everything is going perfectly, the production is high, and the employees are happy. Then, at times, you feel that some employees are not motivated enough and it is being reflected negatively on their work, and thus affecting the company in general. Bad vibes give off bad vibes, and good vibes give off good vibes. In order to ensure that only good vibes are being spread in your company follow these motivational approaches with your employees.


  1. Make them feel valued
    Your employees are the core of the company, the essence of the achievements the company acquires. In order to ensure that your employees are happy, make them feel that even the simplest things they do are valued and appreciated greatly. When an employee sees, and feels that they are getting gratitude for the work they are doing, they would always give their best in their performances.

  2. Listen
    There is a big difference between listening and hearing – do not just hear out your employee’s concerns and requests, listen to them. Give and take in the conversation, discuss their concerns, answer to their requests in an understanding way, and give reason to the dismissal of any on their ideas. Make your employees feel that what they say is important.

  3. Show trust
    Do not just simply tell your employees that what they are doing is important and valued, you have to prove to them – not verbally – that you trust them and want them around. Give your employees more responsibilities and tasks that are not simple and mundane, show them that you have faith in their work and have no problem handing them vital tasks.


There are some basic things in order to have your employees feel wanted and appreciated. And this would reflect on their work in a very positive way, and thus would lead your company to grow and keep on prospering greatly.