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Easy Steps to Keep Things Fresh

4 April 2017
Easy Steps to Keep Things Fresh Team Management Skills

When it comes to handling your own business, there might be a few concerns that would rise up, concerns that are related to the employees and how to keep them, not only motivated to do the job, but to offer them a clean and safe environment to work in. This sort of environment is exactly what one would need to come to work every day in an image that reflects the company they work in, and an image that signifies happiness and relaxation to themselves, their co-workers, and you!


  1. Be A Leader
    There is a fine line between being friendly to your employees, and being their leader. What you need to do is stand on that line; be their friend, while maintaining leadership limits and seriousness. Don’t permit your employees to cross you and take stands that show that you care for them and the company’s well-being equally. For example; if you see along the way that one is not up to the job, and is not fit to be in a certain position, don’t be afraid to let that person go! Show them that working hard has rewards, and not working hard has consequences – this would make your employees look up to you, and respect you and your position more.

  2. Monthly Bonus
    An easy way that would benefit your employees and your company is to activate a method of having monthly bonuses. At the end of each month, pick an employee whom has showed tremendous work effort and achieved a certain goal in the company and reward them by giving them a bonus. This is a way to keep your employees motivate to work and give their best, and thus your company will flourish.

    Note: Don’t be bias in any way, if employees sense unfairness they would not care anymore!

  3. Clean & Fresh Environment
    Imagine this: you reach your office in the morning wanting more sleep, you open the door and you see the place is a mess, files everywhere, papers on the ground, the bin is full and smelly – if in any way, you would have worked on this day, now all hope is gone. On the other hand, if you reach your office, and all is neat and organized, you would work with a smile on your face.

This is why offering your employees a clean and fresh workplace is a key to emotional comfort and well-being.

Managing a company is work-load on its own, to make matters easier, all you need to do is follow easy guidelines to fix all external additional problems that should not be there to begin with!